Thursday, November 29, 2012

Prosperity (Introduction and Types)

Prosperity is defined as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects; good fortune.

We all want this for ourselves and our family, especially the financial area. We tend to focus on financial prosperity and see it as the way to achieve prosperity in other parts of our lives. Do we often consider what other types of prosperity we have available to us and what is the best way to gain success in all parts of our life? God has recently been helping me to define these and better understand what needs to be in order to achieve the levels I desire in each. 

I have defined 7 types of prosperity in our lives that are distinct and yet intertwine differently for each one of us. I will give the types a brief description of each here, but will devote a more in-depth discussion of each and how they relate to God's word and promises individually. 

1. Spiritual Prosperity-God has a plan for each and every person, but we have to be willing to walk with Him, study the word, and believe in order for His plan to be revealed. Spiritual prosperity is having a good relationship with God and allowing Him to use us as his tools to spread the His word. 

2. Family Prosperity- Family prosperity is about how strong your family's bond is with each other and with God. Family can extend to others outside your home such as Church, friends, or extended family if there is a genuine concern for each other. 

3. Mental Prosperity- Mental prosperity is not about a persons intelligence level it is about what each one of us do with our mental abilities. Do we try to learn new things and expand our views to help improve our lives or do we just putter along through life with no desire to increase our knowledge on Biblical and worldly topics. 

4. Physical Prosperity- This is simply how physically fit you are. 

5. Monetary Prosperity- Money

6. Environmental Prosperity - This would best be defined as your surroundings, type of house, what kind of car do you drive, what type of television do you have. What have you surrounded yourself with to make life more pleasurable. 

7. Social Prosperity - This is best described by looking at who your surround yourself with. I am not talking family and close personal friends who you visit, but what type of people do you choose to be with whom you are not that close too. Do you prefer to be alone in the woods, in a bar, or at a basketball game and how do you interact when you are there. 

All of these things make up our life as a whole and the order and methods for achieving each is crucial. My next post on this will be about most important one, Spiritual Prosperity.