Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We Need To Get Over Ourselves

Disclaimer: This is not directed to any one certain faith, congregation, or person this is just my observation of what can happen anywhere. 

People are selfish creatures always looking for the personal glory in everything we do. While it is necessary to have confidence in your abilities to really be successful at anything you do there is fine line between what is necessary to succeed and what becomes boastful or overly proud. 

Overconfidence in our abilities can make our worldly life more difficult because it makes people uncomfortable around you , but I want to focus on how this impacts the body of Christ. 

We should be going to Church to be with fellow, like-minded believers who want to glorify and learn about the works of God. We do not congregate at church to showcase our abilities or to satisfy our desires to be the seen or be the one in charge. There are many roles and duties that are necessary to the functioning of the body of a church and you will find people of all personality types filling these positions. The only way to keep  personality conflicts from occurring is to put our personal feelings to the side and focus on God when working with others. 

We need acknowledge our abilities are not OUR abilities. God gave us the ability to learn and grow in each of our strong areas and we are not the ones who deserve the credit. Anything done for a church should be done for the church and God. He blesses us all with gifts and we should use those for Him, not for ourselves. If someone comes along with a greater knowledge or ability it should never be a competition about who is above who or why is this person getting more attention. It should be looked at as God blessed the church with another person who can help in this role to glorify Him and help grow the body. If God moves someone into a similar or like position we should get over our personal pride and not let it hurt our feelings. If they are better for the church in that role than we are we should let it be. No matter how much we sulk or stomp around if that is not the role God wants us in we will not have it and if that is the role God desires for us then ultimately no one will be able to change that. 

I know there was not any scriptures in this post, but it was on my heart and mind so I wrote about it.When we are doing something for the glory of God, which should be everything we do, we need to step back from ourselves and our selfish pride. We need to be humble in the spirit and let God use us (which can be a leading role, a supporting role, or a spectator)to do what is going to be best to spread his works and word because that is going to be the end result regardless. If we let Him lead from the start things will go much smoother for everyone.