Thursday, January 10, 2013

Petition to bring God back to the schools

This is something I have blogged on before, but I felt the need to do it again. We need to put God back in control of our country.

I saw an article this morning about a group that wants to remove a picture of Jesus from an Ohio middle school. The picture has been there since 1947, the school board has refused to remove it and the group, The Freedom From Religion Foundation, has threatened legal action. 

I also came across a story of a first grader in North Carolina that wrote a poem about her grandfathers military service to be read aloud before the school and the families during a Veterans Day ceremony. Before she had the chance to, the school removed the following line from her poem. "He prayed to God for peace, he prayed to God for strength." 

We need to band together as Christians and fight for God. He sent Jesus to die for us, the least we can do is stand up for Him and let out leadership know that He is what made this country great and we should not turn away. This country was founded on God's word. 

I have a petition on the White House's website to bring God back to the schools. I ask that everyone who reads this and believes God should be in our schools to sign it and spread the word.